Monday, August 20, 2012

Why do we care?

In the "wrong point" column:

Everybody is in a huff over Congressman Kevin Yoder (Kansas) going swimming nude in the Sea of Galile. 

What should really be bothering people is that the lobbying arm of a foreign interest - sorry AIPAC is not about Jews, it is about Israel - is spending $10,000 +/- per person (the congressman and his wife cost 20k) to steer US Policy.

That our foreign policy is for sale is the real story.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Congratulations Michael Caruso

Nationally, there is no law firm that could come close the the SD FPD is terms of the amount of Federal cases successfully litigated.  The office continuously hires, trains, maintains and produces the best litigation attorneys in the Country.  Today, Michael Caruso is getting sworn in as the Federal Public Defender for the Southern District of Florida.  Perhaps the only person capable of filling the shoes left by Kathy Williams, Michael is a tremendous person and lawyer.  It is the best decision rendered by the Eleventh Circuit in a very long time.

Congratulations Michael - I look forward to blogging in the future about your office's victories under your guiding hand.